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Making HERstory in the SPF Industry

A Conversation with SPFA President and Owner & Founder of BIOFOAM, Inc., Tiffiny Flaim


Being the first to accomplish something is rarely easy. It takes time, dedication, and a certain degree of excellence. Often, there are barriers to entry or people telling you why you cannot achieve what it is you have been working towards for years.

Tiffiny Flaim is the owner and creator of BIOFOAM, Inc. and was named the first female president of the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA) in July 2018. Tiffiny is also a board member for the Federation of Women Contractors. In a male-dominated industry, Tiffiny is a great example of women taking charge in the workforce.

“Early in my career, I felt I had something to prove. I think more women should take a leadership role and be more open to the idea of working in industries that do not typically appeal to women,” says Flaim.

Since 2005, Flaim has owned her own spray foam contracting business in Illinois called BIOFOAM. Although BIOFOAM is predominantly a regional company in the Chicago area, services are available nationwide on a project basis. With thirteen years experience and a .79 EMR safety record, BIOFOAM has proven to be a sustainable spray foam solution for buildings. BIOFOAM provides spray polyurethane foam insulation, roofing, waterproofing, fireproofing, and coatings solutions for building and construction projects.

Taking a look at the spray foam industry today, Tiffiny states, “I see opportunity everywhere. The challenge is getting architects and owners to use spray foam to its full capacity. You rarely see spray foam used on every part of a project, and I believe it should be used on the entire building structure.”

Uniformity, efficiency, and safety are all imperative according to Flaim. This is why she adamantly believes going through a certification program is necessary, such as the Professional Certification Program (PCP) currently provided by the SPFA. “It gets everyone on the same page and creates a system to consistently train every employee the same way. My philosophy is ‘You cannot assume anything.’” The PCP program also gives employees a chance to improve and reach new levels. The opportunity for a career pathway gives employees something to strive for.”


Flaim did not always dream of owning her own spray foam contracting company. As a realtor, she first encountered spray foam materials as she became more involved in the development side of projects. Flaim started BIOFOAM because the product needed its own identity.

At this year’s Spray Foam Show in Daytona Beach, Florida, Tiffiny is looking forward to interacting with the attendees. “As president of the SPFA, I want to talk to people and find out what’s going on and how they are doing. I want to help bring the spray foam community together, not just nationally, but in other parts of the world as well.”

Looking forward to the future of the Spray Foam Industry, Flaim asserts, “All industries need to be ever-changing. The use of spray foam is increasing and more people are coming on board. People with ideas and solutions have a responsibility to the industry to come forward and help implement change.”

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