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10 Reasons You Should Submit a Project for the SPFA National Industry Excellence Awards


The Sprayfoam Show 2020 Convention & Expo is certain to be one of the best industry events of the year. Not only will it offer you the latest technical and market-related info and a chance to network with your peers, it will also give you a chance to shine.

Each year, SPFA recognizes projects that demonstrate excellence in our industry with the SPFA National Industry Excellence Awards. If you haven’t submitted one of your projects for consideration in the past, here are 10 reasons why you probably should this year:

  1. Get national recognition. Award-winning projects are highlighted in SprayFoam Professional magazine, a national publication respected industry-wide. Additionally, award winners are listed on the SPFA website.

  2. Display the SPFA Winner logo. As a winner, you are awarded the right to use the prestigious logo on your website and marketing materials, differentiating yourself in the marketplace both nationally and locally.

  3. Demonstrate your expertise. When you share your best projects with your colleagues, you demonstrate your expertise, as well as the quality you deliver to every customer. As a winner, you set yourself apart from your competition.

  4. Acknowledge your crew. Your crew does great work while adhering to all safety standards. Submitting your project for award consideration shows them that you recognize and appreciate their contributions.

  5. Receive a crystal award. Your award will be etched with your company name and makes for an impressive display in your office.

  6. Promote your win. As a winner, you receive a media kit that assists you in promoting your business with a model press release to announce the award to local media outlets in your service area.

  7. Display your success. Every winner receives a 2′ × 6′ pop-up display banner highlighting you as an award winner. It’s perfect for use in your office, at trade shows or local events.

  8. Photo opportunity. Winners are photographed on the national stage at the Convention & Expo in Pasadena, Calif.

  9. Chance to win $100 gift card. The project submission deadline is [date.] Projects submitted early, (before [date]) are entered into a drawing to win a $100 gift card.

  10. Bragging rights. Award winners have bragging rights for a full year. That’s 12 months of sharing your success with your customers, colleagues, and even your competition.

Remember, you can’t win one of these valuable awards unless you enter. For more information about submitting your project for consideration, go to

"Each year, SPFA recognizes projects that demonstrate excellence in our industry with the SPFA National Industry Excellence Awards."

Tiffiny Flaim, BIOFOAM SPFA President

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